Medium frequency heating hydraulic elbow

Induction heating elbow forming machine

Medium frequency heating hydraulic elbow push system machine is mainly used in the production of the curvature radius of 1 ~ 2.5 D
all kinds of diameter and wall thickness of the elbow pipe fittings, the device has integrated the ultra short stress line cone die hole enlargement,
digital control medium frequency induction heating, the application without energy consumption low back pressure, hydraulic transmission technology, etc.

All gate opening and closing the electromagnetic directional valve, and has realized the gate field work station and control, and at the same time
increased the raw material on steel pipe hydraulic clamping, automatic operation of the various technologies such as heat and combined with the
company expanding machine technology, corresponding to create four cylinder super-large thick elbow pipe making machine, hydraulic drive system

Application field: high-precision heat treatment process(hardening, tempering, annealing, hardening &tempering),hot forging,preheating, welding,brazing,casting and so on.